Saturday, 28 February 2015


Posted by Hon.Secretary KLCA

The KLCA Selection Committee met on Friday 27th February at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, KL to select and endorse players for the National Closed 2015.

Players listed below, kindly:-
(1) FILL UP the respective Application Form. Forms Refer HERE .

(2) MAKE PAYMENT to MCF Bank Account, details:-
Name of Bank:  CIMB Bank Berhad, (PWTC branch)
Current A/C No: 1420-0008794-05-7

(3) EMAIL Application Form and Proof of Payment to MCF and c.c. to KLCA.
MCF Secretariat
Gregory Lau        : HP: 010 - 2888087. Email:
Haslindah Ruslan: HP: 013 - 3328101. Email:

Sumant Subramaniam (Head, Selection). Email:
Amirul HM           (Honorary Secretary). Email:

(4) SUBMIT KLCA Form and Declaration to Sumant (Head, Selection). Players not submitting the required KLCA form and declaration will not be endorsed by KLCA even though they are listed in the initial list.

List of Men and Women players ENDORSED by KLCA to participate in the National Closed 2015:-


OFFICIAL KLCA Representatives (Meets KLCA Selection Criteria)
1. Sumant Subramaniam
    FIDE Rating: 2107

2. Zaidan Zulkipli
    FIDE Rating: 2099

Other KLCA Representatives  (Meets MCF Criteria of FIDE 1800 or NR 1650)
1. Dawson Tan Soon Wei
MCF Rating:  1693

2. Lye Lik Zang
FIDE Rating : 1919
MCF Rating : 1929

3. Ng Jen Sheng
FIDE Rating: 1812
MCF Rating: 1728

4. Praghashkumar Thanasegeren 
MCF Rating:         1658

5. Shreyes Subramaniam
FIDE Rating: 1963
MCF Rating: 1938

1. Dinessh Kumar Thanasegeren 
    MCF Rating:          1600

2. Wong Zi Yue
    FIDE Rating: 1573
    MCF Rating: 1583


OFFICIAL KLCA Representatives (Meets KLCA Selection Criteria)
    FIDE Rating: 1642
    MCF Rating: 1740

     FIDE Rating: 1572
     MCF Rating: 1626

Other KLCA Representatives (Meets MCF Criteria of FIDE 1550 or NR 1400)
1. Sangetavathy Thanasegeren 
    MCF Rating:         1455

2. Iman Sofea Mohd Azman
    MCF Rating: 1429

NO Application

Sunday, 15 February 2015

NATIONAL CLOSED 2015. Invitation for Qualified Players to Represent the F.T. of KUALA LUMPUR.

Posted by Hon.Secretary, KLCA.

The National Closed will be held from Saturday, 14th March to Wednesday, 18th March 2015 at the OCM Hotel, Jalan Hang Jebat, Kuala Lumpur.

The Kuala Lumpur Chess Association(KLCA) received an invitation from the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) to send players to compete in the event.

KL players who fulfill the criteria set by both MCF and KLCA, and able to play in the National Close kindly submit your name for consideration to Sumant Subramaniam (Head, KLCA Selection Committee) at and c.c. to Amirul HM (Honorary Secretary) at latest by Sunday, 22nd February 2015.

Please be informed that only members of KLCA can be chosen to represent KL.
The Committee will deliberate after Chinese New Year and an announcement will be made here as to who would be the official representatives for KL.

MEN        - Minimum FIDE elo of 1800 or, NR of 1750.
WOMEN  - Minimum FIDE elo of 1550 or NR of 1500.

MEN        - Minimum FIDE elo of 1800 or, NR of 1650.
WOMEN - Minimum FIDE elo of 1550 or NR of 1400.

MEN        - Minimum FIDE elo of 1650 or, NR of 1500.
WOMEN - Minimum FIDE elo of 1450 or NR of 1300.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Young KLCA Players Perform

Report by Amirul Mohamad

The 10th Asian Schools Chess Championship 2014 just concluded with the Prize-Giving ceremony at the tournament venue i.e. Washington High School in Taichung, Taiwan.

Immediately after, a farewell banquet was hosted by the organisers. The hospitality extended by the organisers were second to none. From escorting newly arrived players/accompanying persons to the food counter at the nearby mall to order food on behalf as most cashiers do not speak English to forming a line from the bus door to the venue whilst holding umbrellas to ensure that players/guests are covered from the rain, the organisers had certainly set new standards not seem before!

Against this backdrop, Players from KLCA performed well and will be coming back with a newly minted FM and WFM as well as 2 CMs. Fresh from the Tromso Olympiad, WCM Tan Li Ting could have skipped the last 2 rounds and still win the title. Rather wisely, she did not do so and emerged undefeated in the combined Girls U1517 category with a 100% record of 9 wins from 9 rounds and making her Malaysia's newest WFM.

Not to be outdone, Dilwen Ding also managed to remain undefeated in the 7-rounds round-robin category with 6 points coming from 5 wins and 2 draws to emerge champion in the U17 event and thus will be Malaysia's newest FM. In the U13 Open category, Ng Jeng Sheng faced a last round match which he could not afford to lose in order to finish at least third. He drew the game with a player from UAE and finished the event on 6.5 points and got third place which entitles him to be a CM.

The baby of the team, 7 year old Amir Faiz Amirul also faced a last round match which was must win in order to finish amongst the medals. Playing against a Sri Lankan opponent which he had previously played against in last year's championship, he secured the full points and finished the championship with 7 points. While level on points with the eventual champion from India, he lost out on tie-break to be the runners-up and as consolation will become Malaysia's youngest CM. 

Overall, a splendid outing by the KLCA players and congratulations to all parties involved are in order.

See full details at:

Monday, 16 June 2014

KLCA to participate in the 8th Asian Dragons International Chess Tournament 2014

The Kuala Lumpur Chess Association will be sending a team to participate in the invitational 8th Asian Dragons International Chess Tournament 2014.

A long time developmental event eagerly looked forward to each year by players from Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong and South Korea, there are two sections, Open and U-16, but players have to be rated under 2200. 

Traditionally Singapore is the only other country invited to join the four above and its representatives often win the bulk of prizes available.

Held in Taipei from 12-19 July 2014, and played over 9 rounds using the Swiss System with a time control of 90 minutes plus a 30 second increment from move one, this FIDE rated event is a wonderful opportunity to KLCA juniors to gain valuable exposure.

Members interested are to contact Peter Long immediately as limited places are available and will be on a first come first served basis.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Congratulations Masters Champion Tan Li Ting!

Photo courtesy of Andrew Ooi

The Kuala Lumpur Chess Association congratulates Tan Li Ting on winning the Malaysian Masters held from 30th April to 4 May 2014 with 6.5/9, one point clear of the rest of the field.

Our current national junior champion, Li Ting also qualifies for the coming Tromso Olympiad.  

Friday, 11 April 2014

It's Three Times in a Row for Tiviakov

(Group photo before final battle - some sadly absent without zero start enforced - and so still at breakfast)

Sergei Tiviakov and Aravindh Chithambaram drew their game after three hours of play, a result that confirmed that Tiviakov would successfully defend his title and in doing so become a three time winner of the KL Open.

But for young Chithambaram, it was also a fantastic result as with the draw the 14 year old IM elect remained unbeaten and also achieved his second GM title norm.

So in first place is Tiviakov with 7/9, and in second to eighth places on 6.5/9 are Chithambaram, the also unbeaten M.K. Venkatesh, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Dzhumaev Marat, Haridas Pascua, Nguyen Anh Dung and Andika Pitra.

For Pascua, this result was his third and final norm to complete the requirements of International Master while for Pitra it was his second International Master title norm.


Round 9 Board 1 Live

Thursday, 10 April 2014

It Promises to be an Exciting Last Round

(Tiviakov against the always dangerous Marat, the game was double edged but still only a draw)

The advantage is clearly with Sergei Tiviakov who on 6.5/8 has a half point lead and his favourite White pieces in the last round.

But it may not be over yet as his opponent is the highly rated 14 year old FM Aravindh Chithambaram who last year shot into prominence by winning the Chennai GM Tournament held concurrently with the Anand-Carlsen Match and has continued to impress with every tournament.

Chithambaram is sharing second-third places with M.R. Venkatesh on 6/8.

In a big group a further half point behind, 5.5/8 are Deepan Chakkravarthy, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Kirill Kuderinov, Nguyen Van Huy, Dzhumaev Marat, Haridas Pascua, Niaz Mursehd, Nguyen Anh Dung, Ramnath Bhuvanesh, Richard Bitoon, R. R. Laxman and Pitra Andika.

The leading Malaysian is still IM Jimmy Liew with 5/5 and he faces fellow IM Moulthon Ly with hopes of further turning back the clock.