Sunday, 5 June 2011

Raja Nazrin Shah Invitational Masters & International Open Chess Championship 2011

After three years of a highly successful KL Open, we have felt it was time for a completely new event and not just a change of name and so this year we will see the first ever Raja Nazrin Shah Masters & International Open Chess Championship held at a premier location - the newly refurbished Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur.

To be run concurrently, the Masters will be a 10 player GM title round robin tournament - that of Legends and Challengers, while the Open will be revamped to better meet local aspirations by opening up entries to lower rated and even unrated players.

We have adjusted the prize fund in line with other international opens such as that being held in Penang every year now but have also significantly lowering our entry fees as follows:

1st: RM 5,000, 2nd: RM 3,000, 3rd: RM 2,000, 4th-10th: RM 1,000, 11th-20th: RM 500
Special Prizes
Best Women: RM 1,000, Best U-16: RM 500, Best U-12: RM 500

Entry Fees
2400> Free; 2300> RM 100; 2200> RM 200; 2100> RM 300; 200> RM 400;1800> RM 500: Others RM 600.

Subject to title rating requirements, the winner of the Open will receive an all expenses paid invitation to play in next year's Masters!