Sunday, 16 February 2014

KL Open - Update of Entries (16 February 2014)

(IM Liew might beg to differ but all eyes will be on young Yeoh!)

Time for an update - we have now reached 64 players, with 35 titled (more than half!), and representing 14 countries. Our target is still 80 (even if we can probably squeeze in 100) and as expected a number of regional national chess federations are in contact to reserve places for their representatives.

Personally I was more than happy to accept the entry of 15 year old Yeoh Li Tian, our third ranked player who made a comfortable breakthrough past the 2300 barrier last year and who we all hope for even more success in 2014, perhaps finally collecting the Malaysian Closed Championship title and also making International Master title norms!

For those still asking, details of the venue/hotel can be found at

Again, a reminder that entry fee for all other than grandmasters is USD 100, eligible Malaysians only pay RM 200 and for KLCA representatives it is just RM 150.

1. Sergei Tiviakov
2. Niaz Murshed
3. Richard Bitoon
4. Nguyen Anh Dung
5. Vladimir Lazarev
6. M.R. Venkatesh
7. Deepan Chakkravarthy J.
8. R.R. Laxman
9. Neelotpal Das
10. Vaibhav Suri

Woman Grandmasters
11. Bhakti Kulkarni
12. Bhagyashree Thipsay
13. Irine Kharismar Sukandar
14. Medina Warda Aulia
15. Anda Safranska

International Masters
16. Oliver Dimakiling
17. Rolando Notle
18. Jahongir Vakhidov
19. Aleksander Wohl
20. Arghyadip Das
21. R. Ramnath Bhuvanesh
22. S. Satyapragyan
23. Aleksander Wohl
24. Bogdan Borsos
25. Dede Lioe
26. Jimmy Liew

Woman International Masters
27. Chelsie Monica Shite
28. Upi Damayana Tamin

FIDE Masters
29. Haridas Pascua
30. Nelson Mariano III
31. Aravindh Chithambaram
32. Ram Aravind L.N

Woman FIDE Masters
33. AA Dewi Citra
34. Swati Mohota
35. Savant Riya

FIDE Rated Players
36. Luu Duc Hai
37. Vu Phi Hung
38. Ngo Thi Kim Tuyen (F)
39. Nelson Villanueva
40. Jelvia Calvelo
41. Azarya Jodi Setyaki
42. Diajeng Theresa Singgih (F)
43. Hendry Jamals
44. Aris T.L.S.
45. Ferry Ferdiansyah
46. Martin Greenwood
47. Mark Vucak
48. Md. Anisuzzaman Jewel
49. Ibrahim Parvez
50. Rana Chowdhury
51. Egor Eliseev
52. Andre Shukin
53. Poompong Wiwatanadate
54. Thanadon Kulpruethanon
55. Akash PC Iyer
56. Tesjawinin Sagar (F)
57. Siya Rajenda Sagar (F)
58. Kavisha S Shah (F)
59. Ismail Ahmad
60. Prabhaharan Rajendra
61. Lim Kian Hwa
62. Tan Li Ting (F)
63. Yeoh Li Tian

64. Michael Cheong