Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Final Entry List is Published on Chess-Results

The April FIDE Rating List is out and we have updated the Final Entry List for the 11 a.m. Technical Meeting on 4 April 2014 at the Olympic Sports Hotel.


The tournament statistics are as above: 19 countries represented by 88 players, of which a surprising 17 are from Malaysia with India, Philippines and Indonesia also having very good representation.

We have 16 GMs (11 men and 5 women), 16 IMs (13 men and 3 women), and 11 FMs ( 8 men and 3 women) so a total of 43 (45 if including CMs which I have said before is to encourage young players yet to get a proper title and so really means nothing in terms of helping an event make title norm requirements), and so a touch under or above 50 percent titled players depends how you what to count.

Bottom line is the KL Open this year (as always) is providing IMs real changes for GM norms, and the WGMS and FMs very good chances for IM norms while the 2200 level players will have the chance to increase their ratings.