Saturday, 22 June 2013

Grand Closing of the DTYM Raja Dr Nazrin Shah Invitational Masters 2013

Sergei Tiviakov became the first champion to ever repeat with his second successive victory at the DYTM Raja Dr Nazrin Shah Invitational Masters. After a slow start with a draw in the first round against our No. 1 Mas Hafizulhelmi, the determined Netherlands resident played himself  into form and with less mistakes than his opponents even improved on his rating with a 9/10 score. 

Thomas Luther who is also on his second visit was happy to finish a clear second with the help of some resourceful play to win and hold difficult positions in the latter part of the tournament.

Rolando Nolte enjoyed an early break but then simply could not convert several winning positions and so once against missed out on getting the GM title but could draw some consolation from third place ahead of the more fancied Niaz Murshed who seemed to have lost his ambition mid way through the event.

Of the others, Ramnath Bhuvanesh was always up and down while Goh Wei Ming never really recovered from his loss to Nolte from a winning position.

Mas Hafizulhelmi performed credibly, even picking up 5-6 rating points.

Young Padmini played at a high level and consistently throughout but was very unlucky not being able to convert on occasion against her vastly more experienced opponents, while for Dimakiling and Wohl, it was a mix of very good play and some horrible blunders.

It was indeed a grand closing ceremony at the Palace of the Golden Horses with staff and students from the Asian Metropolitan University putting on a great performance and wonderfully organising the closing ceremony.

The VVIPs are certainly enjoying it. (L-R, Dato' Abdul Rashid Mohd Sharif, YTM Tunku Dato' Seri Kamel Tunku Rijaludin, DYTM Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, and Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib).

Many members of the MCF Council was also in attendance.

The foreign players were rather captivated...  

....our national women players a little less so?

...and there was very welcome support too from many family affairs 

All the details including final standings are at and the games can be found on TWIC.