Saturday, 15 June 2013

Three Rounds, then a Busy Sunday... before Monday's Rest Day

We have three rounds so far at the DYTM Raja Dr Nazrin Shah Invitational Masters and because the players have voted for a rest day on Monday, there will be two games this Sunday.

Eleven titled players from eight countries are taking part in this ten round all play all event to be held from 13-22 June 2013 and organised by Polgar Chess Asia for the Kuala Lumpur Chess Association thanks to sponsorship from the Malaysian Intellect Development Foundation and the Masterskill Education Group Berhad together with its affiliates Asia Metropolitan University and Masterskill Global College.

GM Niaz Murshed

Because we have a bye each day it will be hard to determine who exactly is leading but on points scored, for now it is 1-3. Murshed, Goh, Bhuvanesh 2/3; 4-6. Tiviakov, Luther, Nolte 1.5/2; 7-8. Padmini, Wohl 1.5/3; 9. Mas 1/3; 10. Dimakiling 0.5/3; 11. Wong 0/3.

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I have already mentioned Lim Yee Weng coming on Thursday and on Friday we even had visitors from Sabah, MCF Vice President and Sabah Chess Association President Muammar Julkarain who came together with their No.1 player (guess who!) and later on. among others, two equally serious chess lovers in Sumant Subramaniam and of course Nor Ilhamuddin Shaik Ali.

At the same time the play-offs to determine the final qualifiers for the Malaysian Masters will also take place so for real chessplayers, this Sunday it can only be the Swiss Inn in KL Chinatown!

Here we will be seeing a two game match between Muhammad Syazwan Zulkifli and Wong Jianwen (men) and a three player all play all between Jessica Augustine, Nithyalakshimi Sivanesan and Nur Sabrina Ailya Asman (women) and before I become the Chief Arbiter, let me wish every player all the best.