Sunday, 2 March 2014

Its The Official Closing Date Today! (Updated)

With today being the official closing date, we are, as promised, publishing our final entry list - but if you have registered and are missing, do let us know - and we will of course still be trying to accommodate any truly deserving entries!

On the spellings of your names, don't worry too much (but point it out to us if you will), because we will follow your FIDE ID and use the April 2014 list when it comes out, and that too will be published, this time on with a link on the KLCA website.

Not too many Malaysians are playing, but that year in year out that has been the case and expected with our players largely amateurs having limited leave from work and school. This is also an Olympiad year with selection foe the national team still going on via the coming National Closed Championships and then the Malaysian Masters. We also have no doubt some foreign entries too will also drop out for various reasons.

But on the whole these will be the participants, and if I am counting right, we have 44 titled players from a total of 92 including 18 with the GM title and 18 with the IM title!

1. Sergei Tiviakov (NED)
2. Niaz Murshed (BAN)
3. Richard Bitoon (PHI)
4. John Paul Gomez
5. Nguyen Anh Dung (VIE)
6. Vladimir Lazarev (FRA)
7. M.R. Venkatesh (IND)
8. Deepan Chakkravarthy J.
9. R.R. Laxman
10. Neelotpal Das
11. Suat Atalik (TUR)
12. Tahir Vakhidov (UZB)
13. Susanto Megaranto (INA)

Woman Grandmasters
14. Bhakti Kulkarni (IND)
15. Anda Safranska (FRA)
16. Irine Kharismar Sukandar (INA)
17. Medina Warda Aulia
18. Hoang Thi Bao Tram (VIE)

International Masters
19. Oliver Dimakiling (PHI)
20. Rolando Nolte
21. Aleksander Wohl (AUS)
22. Moulton Ly
23. Arghyadip Das (IND)
24. R. Ramnath Bhuvanesh
25. Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy (VIE)
26. Nguyen Van Huy
27. Nguyen Duc Hoa
28. Farid Firman Shah
29. Kirril Kuderinov (KAZ)
30. Bogdan Borsos (UZR)
31. Mahmood Lodhi (PAK)
32. Jimmy Liew (MAS)

Woman International Masters
33. Bhagyashree Thipsay
34. Chelsie Monica Shite (INA)
35. Beverly Mendoza (PHI)
36. Hoang Thi Nyu Y (VIE)

FIDE Masters
37. Ram Aravind L.N. (IND)
38. Aravindh Chithambaram
39. Haridas Pascua (PHI)
40. Nelson Mariano III
41. Kaisar Jenius Hakiki (INA)

Woman FIDE Masters
42. Swati Mohota (IND)
43. Savant Riya
44. AA Dewi Citra (INA)

FIDE Rated Players
45. Vu Phi Hung
46. Ngo Thi Kim Tuyen (F)
47. Nelson Villanueva (PHI)
48. Jelvis Calvelo
49. Gabriel Paril
50. Deleon Marohom Jr.
51. Xavier John Verdun
52. Franz Robert Grafil
53. Edsel Montoya
54. Martin Greenwood (ENG)
55. Azarya Jodi Setyaki (INA)
56. Diajeng Theresa Singgih (F)
57. Aris T.L.S.
58. Mark Vucak (AUS)
59. Fedja Zulfic
60. Fahad Rahman (BAN)
61. Md. Anisuzzaman Jewel
62. Ibrahim Parvez
63. Rana Chowdhury
64. Egor Eliseev (RUS)
65. Andre Shukin
66. Poompong Wiwatanadate (THA)
67. Thanadon Kulpruethanon
68. Tesjawinin Sagar (IND) (F)
69. Siya Rajenda Sagar (F)
70. Cyrus Low (SIN)
71. Isuru Alahakoon (SRI)
72. Vasanta Wettasinha
73. Kamarunsalehin Kamis (BRU)
74. Zain Izzuddin
75. Jamal, Danar (IRQ)
76. Ismail Ahmad (MAS)
77. Lim Kian Hwa
78. Tan Li Ting (F)
79. Yeoh Li Tian
80. Fong Yit Ho
81. Fong Yit San
82. Abel Jinwei Yap
83. Hermanu Latif
84. Tan Jun Feng
85. Mukhriez Shah Mahmood
86. Lim Meng Xian
87. Justin Ong

88. Krassen Mitev (USA)
89. Ferdinand, Hutabarat
90. Dlsoz Omer (IRQ)
91. Michael Cheong (MAS)
92. Amir Faiz Amirul