Thursday, 2 July 2015

KL International Open 2015 - A Number of Players Had Expressed Interest.

Posted by Hon.Secretary, KLCA
( 2015 Kuala Lumpur International Open - Players Expressing Interest )

(1) After only 1day of giving notice, at the end of day 1st July 2015, the KL International Open 2015
(or " 2015 KL Open" for short) Organising Committee have received a few emails and via submission to EXCO members, players' expression of interest to play in the event.

(2) Brief details as follows:-

OPEN - 3 players.
JUNIORS - 3 players.

Waiting List (for those without FIDE Ratings)
2 players

(3) Players without FIDE Ratings will be placed in the waiting list on a First Come, First Served basis.

(4) As places are limited by the venue space, players interested to participate in the 2015 KL Open are encouraged to write-in to:
A. Tournament Director & Head of Competition, KLCA - Mr. Ng Ling Gee at
B. Head of Selection, KLCA - Mr.Sumant Subramaniam at
C. Honorary Secretary, KLCA - En. Amirul HM at

(5) Further announcement(s) will be made from time-to-time and the 2015 KL Open Organising Committee reserves the right to decline any expression of interest to play in the Kuala Lumpur International Open 2015 without specifying any reason(s).